Turbo-Technik Middle-East LLC-Doha

Turbo-Technik Middle-East LLC-Doha

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Turbo-Technik was established in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, in 1967 by Dietrich E. Dassler, as a ship repair company for voyage and port repairs of seagoing vessels. The name was derived from turbine machinery, a common propulsion system for ships at that time.

The experience gained over the years has lead to a broad diversification and comprise today:

specialized merchant ship repairs, ranging from world- wide voyage and port repairs to conversions, after sales service for major marine equipment and spare parts supply
repairs and maintenance of international naval vessel, technical upgrading, refit and modernization
service, repair and construction of industrial, petro-chemical and renewable energy plants, engineering and construction of modules, steel construction and contract manufacturing

With modern, only recently constructed facilities Turbo-Technik enjoys a world-wide reputation for reliability when quality, in time delivery and budget guarantee count.


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