Simatech Shipping & Forwarding L.L.C.-Dubai

Simatech Shipping & Forwarding L.L.C.-Dubai

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Simatech Shipping was first established in 1992 as a feeder operator in Dubai. Although a relatively young firm in the Gulf, our reputation as a professional and innovative service provider soon became a common knowledge. In 1992 Simatech had fewer than five employees and was operating only between the ports of Dubai and Bandar Abbas. Twelve years on, Simatech employs more than 60 skilled and trained staff in our head office in Dubai as well as operating more than sixteen vessels on sixteen different destinations within the Gulf, the Indian Sub Continent and the Far East. Simatech is now considered amongst the market leaders in the feeder industry in the Gulf. Simatech is running regular feeder services to all main ports in the Middle East, Indian sub continent and the Far East, providing feeder services to the majority of the main lines. Simatech operates sixteen vessels with an active sales and purchase and chartering program. We have moved well over 200,000 TEUs in 2003 making us one of the most active feeder operators in the region. Upholding the Simatech's spirit of "challenge, innovation and team work," we owe our success to untiring efforts and professionalism of our staff as well as our timely strategic alliance with other operators and main lines. Simatech is continuously monitoring the market for new opportunities in all sectors. We have an active Projects Department which is constantly on a lookout for new opportunities to aid our further expansion. Simatech Commercial is responsible for chartering as well as vessel management. In today's fast changing feeder market, Simatech's strategy is set on flexibility and efficient services as well as professional customer care. Service excellence is at the top of our agenda and we believe by achieving this, we will continue to be amongst the top operators in this region.


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