Wilhelmsen Ships Service - Barwil Dubai (L.L.C.) (Ras Al Khaimah)-Ras Al Khaimah

Wilhelmsen Ships Service - Barwil Dubai (L.L.C.) (Ras Al Khaimah)-Ras Al Khaimah

WSS - Wilhelmsen Ships Service is the world's leading maritime services provider, with the capacity to service 2,200 ports in 116 countries. Its focus is to deliver improved vessel operating efficiency to the merchant fleet. Last year Wilhelmsen Ships Service made 183,000 product deliveries to customer vessels and handled 53,000 port calls. A comprehensive range of standardised services is offered, backed by a global service and logistics organisation to meet customer requirements for quality, availability and cost. Wilhelmsen Ships Service is part of Wilhelmsen Maritime Services AS, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen group company.


Our vision is "Shaping the maritime industry", expressing our aspiration to lead the way in maritime solutions to improve the way shipping works.
Our mission states "We will through highly recognised brands, consideration for the environment and an unparalleled global network, deliver products and services which significantly improve customers’ operational efficiency. By combining competence in terms of people, processes and innovation, we will shape the dynamics of the maritime service industry to the benefit of our customers".
Our values are customer centred, empowerment, learning and innovation, stewardship and teaming and collaboration.
Our slogan reads "Optimising performance", reflecting our true ambition to make a difference in the maritime industry; one workforce, partnering together with our customers to increase operational efficiency and find the best solutions for individual customers and the industry as a whole.
Our headquarter is at Lysaker, outside Oslo, Norway.
We are divided into four main regions; Europe, Asia Pacific, Americas and Africa, Middle East and Black Sea, with regional head quarters in Lysaker, Singapore, Houston and Dubai.
We are 4,500 specialised marine professionals worldwide ’ready and mobilised to meet your ever-changing needs.
We service 2,400 ports in 125 countries, making us the world’s largest maritime network.
Last year we made product deliveries to 25,000 vessels and handled 65,000 port calls. On average we deliver a marine product every 2nd minute.

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