Penguin International Ltd. (Pelican Offshore Services Pte.Ltd.)-SINGAPORE

Penguin International Ltd. (Pelican Offshore Services Pte.Ltd.)-SINGAPORE

Penguin International Limited is an integrated global marine and offshore services company, specializing in the construction, operation and trading of commercial vessels, including Fast Supply Intervention Vessels (FSIV), crew boats, Anchor Handling Towing and Supply vessels (AHTS), passenger ferries and general workboats.
We run shipbuilding and repair facilities in Singapore and Batam, Indonesia with a combined land area of more than 50,000 square meters. Our key markets are in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We have a broad base of clients ranging from ship owners and oil companies to government agencies and retail customers.
From humble beginnings in 1972 as a ferry operator, Penguin today is a professionally managed global marine and offshore player. In fact, our ferry ticketing business accounts for only 10% of group revenue today, compared to more than half a few years ago.
Our integrated marine and offshore companies complement one another with their respective strengths in shipbuilding and repair, vessel operations and ship management.

Pelican Offshore Services - POS was established in 1997 as an owner-operator of Fast Supply Intervention Vessels (FSIV) to provide high speed transportation of crew and cargo for the offshore oil and gas industry in Southeast Asia. We built our first FSIV in 2000 in partnership with Penguin Shipyard.
Today, POS owns a fleet of FSIV's and AHTS vessels that operate throughout the region, supporting clients such as Chevron, CNOOC, Shell, Exxon and Korea National Oil Corp.
POS has worked closely with Penguin Shipyard in recent times to develop a successful 36m FSIV design that other FSIV operators are now ordering for their own use in the Middle East and South East Asia.
POS is based in Tuas Basin Link, Singapore.

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Capt. John R. Price & Chief Operating Officer
Mob.0065 92470429
Tel: 0065 68652632
Fax: 0065 68622579

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18 Tuas Basin Link

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0065 68652636


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0065 92470429


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