Neptunus Predictive Maintenance Solutions & Ship Engine Repair

Neptunus Predictive Maintenance Solutions & Ship Engine Repair

Neptunus is one of India’s leading engineering service provider and mid-sized EPC contractors and our engineering prowess is based on successfully completing 2000 assignments over 24 years: ranging from shifting and setting up power plants, overhauling engines on drilling platforms & sea-going vessels, designing end-to-end solutions for the maintenance of critical rotary equipment in industry and EPC project consultancy for building back power-systems for data centers.

At Neptunus, we are driven by a better way to do maintain large, mission-critical assets using cutting edge predictive maintenance technology that enables asset operators to detect emerging faults in their machines in advance, reduce the threat of an unplanned shutdown, extend equipment life, and conserve the use of valuable resources such as Lube Oil.

Neptunus’ technology-focused maintenance solution revolves around two pillars: Torsional Vibration Analysis and Real-Time Oil Condition Monitoring. In addition, our solution is IIOT-Enabled, wherein asset operators can qualitatively monitor the real-time condition of their assets remotely 24*7 over the Cloud, automate alarms based on live data about their oil in their machines and the real-time health of other critical components such as bearings and gearboxes.

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