Middle East Marine-Dubai

Middle East Marine-Dubai


UAE being the fastest growing hub for the shipping industry in the world, required it's growth to be complemented by a trustworthy marine service provider having an intrinsic understanding of not only the needs, but also a feel of the local structure.

In 2008, with a passion for ships and navigating the high seas, a shipping & trading company, The Middle East Trading (TMET) was founded along with 3 other partners, in the UAE. TMET was formed and led by experienced Mariners' with a strong background in the Liner, Agency, Off-Shore, Ship Owning and Fuel Supply industry. 

Three years later, TMET FZC started operating under the name TMET FZE with the holding being changed to a single ownership company so as to expand it's operations to include below scope of activities: 

As the business has been growing we realized a need for a freight forwarding subsidiary and complementary company Trinity Freight LLC was created, in Dubai, UAE.

With experienced 'shippies' running the show, with a deep understanding of the shipping industry in terms of engineering and operations, both companies have won the trust and allegiance of numerous international shipping companies and liners. 

Because we understand the business, the bedrock of our ambitions has always been to be the most reliable tanker vessel charterer and offshore support vessel provider in the region. From that foundation springs our drive to consistently deliver quality and consideration for our customers' time, effort and money as if it were our own. 

Today, TMET and Trinity Freight work in tandem as two sides of the same coin, out of the United Arab Emirates, which is now a major global marine & logistics hub. Both companies are licensed in the UAE.


The Company is engaged in providing Marine Solutions and is committed to:

  • Provide our customers with a range of Marine options to meet their specific requirements.
  • To understand the requirements of our customers and to provide competitive and effective solutions for these.
  • Gain and build customer relationship by providing prompt & effective solutions while ensuring value for money and trust worthy services.
  • Ensure that the various options supplied also meet the minimum standards set by the relevant international & local bodies.
  • Comply with applicable statutory & regulatory requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the System by setting Quality Objectives.
  • Create an environment that fosters employee motivation and builds team spirit.
  • Create a culture to do things right the first time - every time, thus creating a competitive edge in the market and surpassing our customers and investor's expectations.


Integrity, Safety and The Environment

As with many other organisations across the world, we at TMET are also aware and committed to provide and our marine solutions within the framework of a safety and at the same time maintaining the balance in the environment. The integrity of the options provided is always a cut above the rest, not only for the quality but also for the completeness of the solution.

Given the nature of our business, mitigating risk to those who work on our vessels as well as our clients' staff is a top priority for us at TMET. We invest time, money and considerable effort to ensure that all our staff and personnel are up-to-date with the latest HSE and ISM standards and procedures and that all vessels and equipment offered are equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment. 

Environment is a buzzword in the shipping industry today, with oil spills and pollution being some of the most heavily discussed subjects. At TMET, the environment and its preservation has always been a concern. We look on the environment as a resource that enables us to carry out our business and we treat it with the diligence it deserves. Wherever possible, we make every attempt to reduce the environmental impact of our actions.

Effective & Timely Solutions

There are many operators and marine solution providers in UAE. What sets us apart is the driving force of having a team of experienced ex-mariners at the helm who not only offer "effective and timely solutions", but are also prepared to go out there and manage this for you.

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