A group of Marine professionals joined together to form Marine Costa Shipping services to provide quality and proficient services to the clients, realizing the needs in the present time to have  professional services to cater the needs of the clients with value for money. We have vast experience in the Marine industry with a team of Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Marine Surveyors, Logistics Managers and Supply Chain Managers  to take care of all the marine and offshore needs of the clients. 



With highly professional marine professional in the team we can provide reliable ship owners and charters who use ships to transport cargo or between buyers and sellers of ship.


There is an increasing number of shipping companies opting for third-party ship management services. The regulatory environment is becoming more and more demanding and challenging. This, coupled with growing volatility in the charter and freight markets as well as the need to focus on core business activities, has set the stage for  Professional outsourcing ship management services which assures shipping companies and ship owners effective control over their vessels and crew. Marine Costa provides the best Ship Management solutions in the industry to the vessel owners including Technical management, Vessel inspection, Marine Consulting, Training, ISM and internal audits and other ship management services. 


Piracy in recent times has become one of the biggest challenges for the maritime industry. We understand the anxiety this causes our clients and hence we provide highly trained security guards (with or without arms) for safe passage across piracy prone waters.

Why Employ us.... in 6 points.
1.Vetted by GRAY PAGE, Certified by SAMI and ISO 9001/2008 & all latest IMO/BIMCO recommendations met.
2. Insured for $ 21 million in total and approved by Underwriters (P&I - WR ’ K&R).
3. Highly recommended by cooperating Shipping Companies
4. Trained Special Army Forces highly experienced, constantly trained with 25 Certifications/Qualifications each, both ashore at our HQ and at sea.
5. We have an agreement  with  the leading  global   Underwriters  Hiscox   and can provide  through  Hiscox KNR  insurance   cover  for  your  vessels  with  the  most  
     competitive rates  in  the  market.  
6. Best competitive rates with benefit/cost ratio globally.


Be it logistics assistance or movement of cargo from one port to another , bulk, automobile, or over size project cargo,  our experienced marine team and extensive network ensure you a reliable and efficient service.


Our extensive network and experienced mariners operate in line with industry best practices. We can meet your requirement of Time, Voyage or Period charter be it for Dry Cargo, Tankers, Sale & Purchase, Demolition & Research vessels. This would be  in highest international and professional standards.


With our blend of experience and expertise in the shipping industry, we provide professional, competitive and diligent Marine and Cargo surveys. The company provides services in various Marine and Cargo related survey fields. We are sure that with our blend of experience and expertise in shipping industry we can take up any assignment  with utter diligence and sincerity to the clients satisfaction.

We can take up any port captaincy and Marine Superintendency jobs with utmost professionalism.

Marine Costa can provide full package of STS operations within the UAE region in the most competitive way. We are also providing mooring masters to carry out Cargo and STS operations. 


Marine Costa can assist you with all aspects of your crewing requirements. We provide you with professionals who meet you specific needs. We provide good services to vessel owners and managers. The essential essence of our crewing policy is to customize crew supply packages that are tailored specifically to the needs of the client ship owner.  Alternatively whole ships crew or just individual crew members can be supplied as a stand alone resource in situations where the ship owner wishes to be the employer. Ensuring that clients have access to sufficient trained and motivated crew is a constant challenge which Marine Costa meets through recruiting, training, motivating the best sea staff.


Marine Costa has vast experience in chartering vessels in support activities for all kinds of offshore projects including towing, Safety/ Standby Services, Survey Operations, Drilling Support Services, Offshore Accommodation Barges, Passenger Transport, Utility Boats and Crafts for support Services. Our dynamic team of marine professionals achieve the objectives of our clients and maintain a quality service.


Marine Costa has well established procedures for handling Sea / Air cargo from all the ports & airports in U.A.E with timely delivery of the cargo to the ultimate customer as per the specified client requirement. We offer to our customers specialized sea freight services after a careful analysis of their requirements. We give our customers the best of sea freight services on the most reliable shipping lines, offering the minimum transit time. 


Freight forwarder is an agent that acts to import/export your goods, moving mass cargo and shipments from your end to another destination usually out of the country. Freight forwarding meanwhile is the service itself that this said agent provides ’ the role itself being often intermediary only, meaning the forwarder does not really move your freight in actuality; this is usually done between one or more transportation services tied with the forwarder.

We as Freight forwarders can handle the logistics, which often becomes the most burdensome part of business. We assist in guaranteeing that products arrive within the set deadline to the proper location. We also guarantee that the products arrive in the best possible condition to wherever they need to be on the globe. Our skills and specialities also ensure that challenges to the company specifically those needing logistical management brought about by many factors such as distance, time, etc., are bridged and met, especially for those businesses that need to send on a regular basis internationally, which Marine Costa can provide.

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