JW Marine LLC

JW Marine LLC

Maritime business is primarily a Peoples’ business where strong relationships are developed over many years.

JW Marine is also built around our People and their competences. Their abilities stem from their technical training and qualifications and are developed on the job and through the experience they have gained over the years. Amongst these competences is the strong relationship built with operators, authorities and other players within the industry.

These competences, set within a strong framework of Management Process and Controls, allow us to operate an effective and seamless service to our Principals and Clients.

At JWM, We further believe that central to our Peoples’ business is the personal approach that has been embedded into our culture.


We believe that our solutions and services have the potential to add value to your business. We seek to inspire a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement as we interact with clients.


We believe that ethical business practices define the character of our company & everyone at JW Marine. Every employee upholds and will uphold the highest standard of conduct within their area of responsibility.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions. The most important aspects of a good business are Integrity& Honesty towards the work. PGSLC proudly upholds the value of it beyond the boundaries.


Deeply involved in building relationships – everything we do is with the long-term in mind. Our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our success.


Our services & products built on trust. Our clients trust us and in return, we make the best decisions to move their freight quickly and efficiently on time every time.


Ensuring social commitment, accomplishing economic growth. We are constantly seeking better ways. If we find a better way, we act upon it and proactively share it.

About Us:

JW Marine was established in 2010, focussed in providing composite shipping services from UAE Port. Initially our focus was only Fujairah Port, then over the course of time we expanded our service to all Ports in UAE. Our services include Shipping Agency, Clearing & Forwarding, Stevedoring, Warehousing and Transport conveniently provided under one roof.

Keeping customer satisfaction our highest priority, our commitment to quality ensures finest service and customer support available today. With a comprehensive Infrastructure, Human Resources, Customer base and experience behind us, today we are proudly asking you to ‘Trust Us‘ – and you can ‘Be Assured‘ that you will be totally satisfied.

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Room 709, 7th Floor, Nama 2 Building, Near Port of Fujairah




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