Golden Age Power Emirates FZC-Sharjah

Golden Age Power Emirates FZC-Sharjah

Journey thourgh the years

1990 - 1995
Golden Age Power company was established in 1990. 
It is one of the oldest marine reconditioned spare parts supplies        
company in United Arab Emirates. 
Due to Dubai Prime location in  middle east, our marine supplies 
business took off shortly and  expanded.

1996 - 2004
Over a decade of striving, the business has grown to  introduce
it's Turbocharger reconditionning services to the customers. 
We have workshop well trained service team, they are able to work  
on board the ship 24/7.

2005 - Present
To accommodate  increasing  stocklot while to provide a better service,  
we have a  larger warehouse and a repairing workshop built especially 
for Turbocharger service and repairs. 
We are able to provide our  customers with more efficient 
and various reconditioning services.

Turbochargers Repair services & Turbocharger Spares Supplies

PBS authorized distributor & service centre. Supply spare parts for turbocharger casings, rotors, nozzle rings, lab. rings and many major spare parts.

We also offer an exchange and overhauling service for turbocharger unit,bearings and oil pumps.

Our service team is on call for anytime.

Turbochargers maintenace & turbo repairs is one of our main service

Turbocharger Spare parts & scope of ssupplies


VTR160, VTR161, VTR200, VTR201, VTR250, VTR251

VTR320, VTR321, VTR400, VTR401, VTR500, VTR501

VTR630, VTR631, VTR750, VTR751

VTR184, VTR215, VTR304, VTR354,VTR454, VTR564


VTR184P, VTR214P, VTR354P

VTRC214/13, VTC214/13, VTC214P, VTC254P


B&W turbochargers TL

Holset turbochargers : Various

MAN/B &W Turbochargers NR15, NR20, NA48, NA57, NA70

PBS TURBO PDH25,PDH35,PDH50,PDH70; PTD 140, PTD280 ect


IHI Turbochargers

MITSUBISHI Turbochargers : MET

SKL Turbochargers

Turbocharger repairs include :

Turbo Gas inlet & outlet Casing Exchange / Replacement

Turbocharger Casings pressure testing

Turbocharger Labyrinth Strips exchange

Turbo Rotor Reblading

Microblast cleaning

Turbocharger Rotor Dynamic balancing

With extensive inventory of turbocharger spare parts, we are able to provide the customers

efficient reconditionning service on board and to all kinds of turbochargers.

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Plot J2-05, Sharjah Airport Free zone (Saif Zone)

 B.O. Box:



00971 6 5572484


00971 6 5572483


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