Auburn Shipmanagement DMCC-Dubai

Auburn Shipmanagement DMCC-Dubai

Objectives & Aim

Our main objective is to provide quality oriented reliable, efficient, honest and sincere services at competitive rates in order to work on long term association to the satisfaction of our valued Principals and to be of value to the Shipping Industry as a whole.

Our Main Aim is to assist our principals in achieving their goals within the prescribed frameworks of various regulations as applicable and within an agreed time frame in order to maximize efficient ship operation and make it most cost effective for the benefit of the Owners.

Why us?

  • Open book policy
  • Sincerity
  • Commitment to excellence towards maintaining high quality of service
  • Your satisfaction is our motto
  • Quality training to seafarer
  • Economical
  • Experienced staff
  • Always striving for high quality management


Technical Management

  • Ship Owners interests are always held paramount and seek to guarantee the safety of all individuals, the environment, the assets, the cargo, the company's reputation and those of its clients.
  • Our company is committed to excellence in every facet of its operations, both ashore and on ship.
  • Our services include but not limited to
  1. Repairs and Maintenance
  2. Dry Docking and Special Surveys
  3. Manning
  4. Purchasing
  5. Insurance
  6. Safety, Quality and Environmental Compliance Services
  7. Risk-Assessment
  8. Emergency Response Management
  9. Meeting Third Party quality assurance compliance
  10. Oil Majors' acceptability requirements
  11. Feasibility project management
  12. New Building Supervision


Operational Management

  • Our commitment to excellence in every facet of its operations, both ashore and on ship, and seek to guarantee the safety of all individuals, the environment, the assets, the cargo, The company's reputation and those of its clients.
  • The prevailing concepts of continuous improvement and commitment from the top transpire from every act of the Company's operations, which surpass current regulations and always embrace challenges that a sophisticated and globalized industry such as shipping regularly pose, thus ensuring safe, efficient and exemplary vessel operations.
  • Timing and information are the two most valuable assets in the negotiation process due to the lack of transparency in the physical Chartering market and fragmentation of ship ownership. With acquired market information we improve the economics of cargo shipping.
  • Both on behalf of ship-owners and cargo owners, we gain access to more and better information than our competitors.
  • A higher volume of transactions allows us to transact more competitively and develop close relationships with the main ship-owners and oil traders.


Risk Management

  • Superior returns can be achieved by a combination of above market returns and below market risk. Risk management is one of the foundations of our business. The risk management systems developed in-house cover all areas of our business.
  • Effective risk management is core to us; operating in a highly volatile market, all potential risks have to be considered and efficiently managed. Our Risk Management cell works to protect the Company from market volatility by actively monitoring bunkers, freights, currencies and interest rates.
  • Our risk management methodology is key to the decision-making process for both physical and paper trading.
  • We closely follow the world's oil markets by using a comprehensive database and sophisticated software tools, which help track refinery margins, inventories, interregional arbitrage and macroeconomic data. Chartering deals identified by the Projects and Chartering Departments undergo a thorough risk analysis, requiring.


Commercial Management

  • Knowledge and experience is intrinsic to our team and our Commercial Management's commitment to safety, the environment and quality management has rewarded the Company with increasingly positive results.
  • We are suitably organized to provide competitive advantages as well as a mechanism to limit the exposure to market fluctuations and keep the company responsive to opportunities in shipping.
  • An enviable heritage, a wealth of knowledge and experienced team.
  • We provide the best quality means premium services to clients that is ultimately reflected in increased profitability for both the company and clients.
  • By maintaining the highest standards, with respect to safety, the environment and personnel, and through its dedication to the best quality, our Commercial Management team to provide superior services for its clients.
  • Voyage estimation is vital to the profitability of shipping business. With the knowledge of precise port costs and canal fee estimation, full load calculation, draft calculation and advising shortest routes for the vessel. It's easy to compare different voyage options and via the Actual and Results module to check voyage estimation against.



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