from Goltens Fujairah LLC-Fujairah


Date: 07-08-2008 09:59AM

Expiration Date: 01-01-10000 03:59AM


Goltens reputation is unmatched when it comes to getting a job done anywhere, anytime. A globally trusted service partner. Goltens assists shipping companies achieve maximum operations efficiency and minimize downtime through a global supply of proven engineers, technicians, workers and skilled management.

During an average year, Goltens will :

Recondition more than 1100 two stroke pistons and 1200 exhaust valves

Overhaul more than 500 four stroke engines

In-situ line bore 50 bedplates and grind/machine more than 300 crankpins

Overhaul crankpins

Overhaul more than 200 turbo chargers

Overhaul more than 8000 fuel nozzles

Overhaul more than 1000 Woodward governors

Board more than 3000 vessels

Trade thousands of spare parts