The First Online Marketplace for shippers and freight forwarders has launched in Dubai!

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The First Online Marketplace for shippers and  freight forwarders has launched in Dubai!

Are you looking to ship your products or goods and looking for reliable freight forwarders? Or not sure if you’re paying too much and looking for multiple freight options? Or are you the freight forwarder looking to increase revenue and expand your business?

iDeplace has the solution for all your all your shipping needs.

iDeplace is the first online marketplace in the logistics industry that offers completely FREE services for shippers.

We all know the struggle of finding the right freight forwarder; you have to search and reach out to several of them and type out the same requirements over and over again until you finally get the quotations and the start comparing! iDeplace will do that for you, all you have to do is fill in your requirements once and iDeplace will provide you with multiple quotations for you to compare and choose the freight forwarder that will meet all your needs and take it from there… best part? It’s ALL FOR FREE!

If you’re the freight forwarder looking to get more reach and show that you have the best service, price AND speed! iDeplace is your main platform! Once you register, you can send your best quote to every request and compete with the top rated forwarders in the market… again, it’s ALL FOR FREE! Achieving your target has never been easier!

Need more information? Here are some highlights for you!

Getting a quote has never been easier, no emails, no phone calls!  

With few simple clicks you will get multiple free quotes absolutely for free! You don’t have to pay for registration, subscription or membership! When you are a member, you can explore forwarders, read reviews and decide the most suitable freight forwarders for your shipment in a simple and fast manner.

Reach the best decision with great ease!

With iDeplace you can now easily reach to a smart decision when it comes to choosing a freight company. It allows you to compare quotes by checking prices of a wide variety of freight forwarders in the market as well as the rating from previous users that shared their experiences and their views!

Unique and user-friendly dashboard

Not only will you receive multiple quotes for free, once you decide on your best option, our platform allows you to track your shipment.

Grow your business as a freight forwarder!

As a freight forwarder you will benefit from the online marketplace that will increase your reach to new prospective clients, growing your business is no longer a complex task. With iDeplace you do not have to make any payment for registering your business, sending quotes to the prospective clients. Financial commitment becomes a reality only when your proposal is accepted by the shipper.

The better the service, the better the business!  

When you deliver the best prices with a high quality service, your customers will give you excellent ratings and positive reviews on the iDeplace platform and that will lead to generating more business for you!

About iDeplace

iDeplace is the First Freight Marketplace in the Middle-East that allows shippers to search, compare, and book freight quotations from the top rated freight forwarders in the market. It offers the shippers in the Middle East a completely free platform and it helps the forwarders generate quality leads for their business, boost their reputation along with facilitating them with a market reach and increase their presence in the digital market space.

iDeplace is a trusted and a credible platform that will fulfill your shipping needs with just few clicks! Visit for more information and start exploring!

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