International Shipping Bureau Dubai

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INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BUREAU - ISB Dubai - has been in the service of maritime industry since 1986 as able Maritime Consultants.

ISB specializes in advising and managing the tasks that ship owners, agents, shipbuilders, offshore rig operators, marine bankers, marine insurance underwriters, and shipping attorneys face in matters of buying, installing, managing, maintaining, insuring & compensating, selling and mortgaging ships or maritime equipment.

ISB is also an efficient trainer on par with ISO 9001 2000 standards. Our expertise is in Registrations of any types of ships and vessels, Registration/de-Registration of naval mortgages, Payment of annual taxes, Radio accounting , Marine Survey to determine adherence to Class, Load Line and SOLAS specifications, Bareboat/ Dual Registry, facilitating issuance of Seafarers Licenses, Full Vessel Investigations including Non Destructive Testing (NDT) using Ultrasound Thickness gauging, Tonnage Calculations, Caribbean Code Consulting & Certification Service, ISM Consulting & Certification Services, assist Offshore Company Formation, advising and managing Marine Insurance (Hull & Machinery, P & I Clubs), Legal services, Technical and other consultancy for Naval & Offshore Architecture, Logistics and Freight forwarding, Training for Personnel and other Ship Management Services.

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International Shipping Bureau Dubai

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