Echo Cargo & Shipping LLC

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Echo Cargo & Shipping LLC

1.Shipping & Project Cargo Movements:
Total and Combined Transportation Solutions from A to Z, ( Air/Sea & Land).
Specialized Project Cargo movements (Heavy Lifts and Over Dimensioned Cargos).
Shipping Agency in Major Iranian & UAE ports.

2.Chartering and Brokerage:
Time charter of offshore vessels such as tugs, Barges, Supply Boat, Utility Boat,
Crew Boat as well as Jack-Up and Accommodation Barges.
Dedicated and professional services for Sale & Purchase of vessels with post fixture
follow-ups and assistance in related documentations and vessel´s registry works.

3.Logistics & Port Operations:
Collection of cargo from local/overseas vendors of our clients.
Preparation of related Port´s and Customs documention (Transit/and or Re-Export).
Warehousing, Stuffing/ Un-Stuffing of containers.
Preparation of Stowage Plan for Load out of outbound project cargo.
Tallying & Stevedoring Services.
Fitness and Seaworthiness inspection of vessels prior to nomination for load out.
Professional lashing and sea fastening works and arrange for related certificates.
Follow up of claims for damages, shortages and lose of cargo with concerned parties.

4.Customs Consultancy / Clearing and Documentation Works:
We provide specialized Customs Consultancy for Iranian projects prior to their start up by coordinating between our clients, Central customs of Iran , and other related authorities to obtain the required Permits such as:
RTI (Request to Import)for import of Temporary and Permanent Project Material & Equipments into Iran.
RTE (Request To Export) for Re-Export of project Equipments from Iran after completion of their task.
RTC (Rrquest to Convert) for Conversion of import mode from Temporary to Permanent if required.
Processing commercia documents such as, Invoice, Packing List, and certificate of origin and authentication of the same.
Preparation of Shipping documents such as Bill of Lading and Manifest.
This will help our clients to save time and have a smooth flow of materials and equipments required for the execution of the related works and or to return the unnecessary / and or rental equipments.
Our Customs activity is also extended in all the UAE Ports and Customs.

5.Offshore Work:
Consultancy services for all kinds of marine works such as Dredging, Reclamation, Piling, and construction of breakwaters.

6.Material Procurement & Equipment Leasing:
Supply of Electical Equipments & Materials.
HVAC Equipments & Materials.
Building materials and Consumables.
Spare Parts (For Land and Marine Equipments).
Leasing of all Types of Land Equipments.

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