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Turbocharger Overhaul
With over 30 years of expertise, Tru-Marine takes pride in our in-house competencies to overhaul and service all makes and models of turbochargers. Our customers are always assured of sound technical advice and expert solutions in improving the performance of their turbochargers.

Our specialized repairs include:

Dynamic balancing of turbocharger rotors
Dynamic Balancing
Uneven or abnormal wear during operation or deviations during manufacturing, repair or cleaning causes imbalance of the rotating machinery. Excessive imbalance will result in vibration of the turbocharger, which will significantly reduce the lifespan of the bearings. This leads to bearing failure and in turn severely damages the turbocharger.

Tru-Marine corrects any imbalance of the rotorshaft through dynamic balancing, optimizing the service life of the bearings until the next overhaul.

Turbine blade repairs
Worn turbine blades can cause the turbocharger to become inefficient, as exhaust temperatures raise when the engine receives insufficient air.

Tru-Marine provides a cost-effective solution to the prohibitive replacement of the turbine blades by repairing the blade tips and leading edges. In addition, pre- and post-heat treatments are carried out to provide stress relief and the blades are checked thoroughly for cracks before and after repairs.

Rotorshaft repairs
Rotorshafts and their component parts such as bearing journals, pump spigots and seal areas can be restored by thermal spraying.

This process involves atomizing pure or alloyed metal with compressed air into a fine spray for coating on the original surface, giving a coating that is more resistant to friction, abrasion and corrosion.

The seal area for the compressor wheel is then roughened by microblasting to hold the compressor wheel in position. Worn rotorshaft bearing journals can also be repaired to minimize shaft distortion.

Reconditioning of bearings
Tru-Marine offers both new and reconditioned bearing assemblies and lubricating oil pumps, on direct sale as well as on exchange basis.

Bearing assemblies accepted in exchange are thoroughly cleaned, its ball and rolling elements are replaced, and other critical components are checked for precision. Each Tru-Marine bearing unit undergoes stringent checks to ensure that it conforms to tolerance and comes with a serialized certificate.

Lubricating oil pumps for reconditioning are completely dismantled, cleaned and inspected for wear, before being tested on the simulation test stand for vibration and performance.

Reclamation of worn cover ring
Tru-Marine's arc spray process is proven to be highly effective for repairing worn cover rings previously deemed irreparable. This process involves spraying molten metal particles with dry compressed air at high velocities to provide the perfect coating on the cover ring, giving high deposition rate, density coating and bond strength.

Spare Parts Supply
Tru-Marine's extensive stockholding of turbocharger spares ensures the timely completion of repairs and delivery of orders.

This comprehensive stock list spans from new units of complete turbochargers, rotorshafts, compressor wheels, casings to the essential maintenance kits and fixing tools for all types of turbochargers. The spares can also be made available on exchange basis.


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