Teignbridge Propellers International-Dubai

Teignbridge Propellers International-Dubai

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For several years, the company has been a market leader in the supply of propellers and sterngear to marine engine dealers, leisure and commercial boat yards, fishing and cargo dhow owners, shipyards, navies and coastguards and the offshore industry throughout the Middle East region.

Teignbridge Dubai has been able to extend its engineering skills successfully towards the supply and service of ancillary systems such as steering, engine controls, exhaust systems, shaft bearings, sterntube seals, thrusters and alternative modes of propulsion such as waterjets and surface drives.

The company represents leading manufacturers such as C.W.F.Hamilton (Waterjets), Sleipner Motors (Thrusters) Tides Marine (Seals)

The propeller repair shop was set up to provide after sales service and carry out quality propeller repairs.

The repair shop has factory trained personnel and capability for welding, grinding, finishing, repitching and balancing propellers.


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