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Sovereign Corporate Services-Dubai

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Sovereign's core business is setting up and managing companies, trusts and other structures to meet the specific personal or business needs of our clients. Typically these needs would include tax planning, wealth protection, foreign property ownership and facilitating cross-border business.

We currently manage over 7,000 structures for a wide variety of clients worldwide. We advise governments, publicly quoted companies and professional law and accountancy firms but the majority of our clients are individuals, expatriates, entrepreneurs, freelance consultants, private investors, or wealthy persons and their families.

We have also developed a wide range of supporting services embracing asset management, corporate finance and fund raising, specialist tax advice, ship and yacht registration, credit cards, as well as trademark and intellectual property registration and protection.

The first Sovereign office opened in Gibraltar in 1987 and we now have offices or agents in all the major international finance centres. Not all the jurisdictions in which we operate require or allow licences but wherever possible we have applied for, and been granted, the appropriate authorisation.


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