Mil-tek X-Press 300 (Mixed Waste Compactor)

The Mil-tek Model X-Press 300 designed especially for the shipping industry. This machine can COMPACT UP TO 10 BLACK BAGS INTO ONE X-PRESS BAG saving space on deck and sealing the waste in the most hygenic way possible. The X-Press is AIR OPERATED which means it can be installed directly into areas where food is being prepared with no risk of leaking oil of contamination. The machine uses NO ElECTRICAL PARTS which means it can be sprayed down and cleaned with water. The X-Press bags can hold about 15% liquid as well which means drinking containers with liquid inside can be put straight into the press. THE ZINC COATING helps the compactor to last longer in a salty environment. Like all Mil-tek solutions the X-Press will give you full accountability of your waste and help keep you in line with MARPOL requirements. Contact

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