Mil-tek Model 102 Waste Press

The Mil-tek Model 102 is an AIR DRIVEN waste press for cardboard and plastic waste. When diversity, limited space and smaller bales are required the Model 102 is the solution. It can produce a bale of cardboard up to 40kg and plastic up to 60kg. Using only compressed air the 102 compresses with the force of 2.3 TONS. It can be installed directly into the area where food is being prepared with no risk of leaking oil or contamination. An insert can also be fitted which allows it to press cans and tins. The 102 will make for a safer cleaner working evironment and give you full accountability of your waste HELPING YOU KEEP KEEP IN LINE WITH MARPOL REQUIREMENTS. The BALED WASTE IS THEN SOLD to a recycler for triple the price of loose waste. The Mil-tek Model 102 another maritime solution. Contact

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