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Platinum Shipping LLC-Dubai

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Platinum Shipping LLC, operating since 1997, has grown into a leading freight forwarder in the UAE, offering full range of freight business with the strong footing on the industry- experience. The company's present excellence can be attributed to its professional management approach along with long-serving customers across various industries. With more than a decade's reliable experience and in-depth knowledge of the freight forwarding industry, we have been able to provide state-of-the-art services to our clients worldwide.

The company's Sea, Air & Land operations are fully networked with UAE Ports & Customs online facilities which enable us to provide prompt and fast services to our valued clients.

We accept import & export around the world through our well-chosen worldwide agency networks so as to match our mission - Total Logistics Provider and offer highly professional and personalized service.

Our devoted and efficient employees are proficient with the intricacies of cargo transport which encompasses everything from documentation, to negotiating carrier rates, to tracking the shipment without compromising the foreign trade regulations.


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