Penguin Ferry Services Pte. Ltd.-SINGAPORE

Penguin Ferry Services Pte. Ltd.-SINGAPORE

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PENGUIN FERRY SERVICES - PFS is the ferry operator of choice among corporate and government customers travelling between Singapore and the Indonesian Riau Islands of Batam, Bintan and Karimun. The company's history dates back to the origins of Penguin when it was run as a sole proprietorship in 1972.

Our fleet of modern high-speed ferries is well maintained and professionally manned. We prize safety over speed and we adhere to international standards of Health, Safety and Environment.

On average, PFS transports close to 5,000 passengers a day to their place of work or play in a safe and efficient manner. The company also operates ferries for customers on a Time Charter or Bareboat Charter basis.

The company is based in Singapore's Harbour Front Centre, with ticketing and operations offices throughout the Riau Islands.

PFS's exclusive network of routes includes:
- Batam
Batam Centre, Sekupang and Waterfront City
- Bintan
Tanjung Pinang
- Karimun
Tanjung Balai

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Capt. John R. Price & Chief Operating Officer
Mob.0065 92470429
Tel: 0065 68652632
Fax: 0065 68622579


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