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UAE PORTS & SHIPPING DIRECTORY is dedicated to Shipping, Marine and Offshore Industry. Since 2001, it has been the respected source of business information, which our clients have trusted to deliver their marketing message, available online, print, & software with a database of more than 15,500 companies listed under each relevant classification

We strongly believe that our clients have played a vital role in the growth of our directory. The website is ranked No1 on most major research engines like Google and receives over 30,000 unique visits per month, providing a one-stop shop for news and products for installers and buyers in the region.

The Search Engines are considering our website as one of the main sources in Marine, Ports, Shipping and Offshore industries.

Our social network is continue to grow up with a main purpose: To aim the spotlight on our client’s services and products.

Published once a year and distributed to Major companies within the Industry.


As an emerging company, our commitment towards our esteemed clients and to our ambition to finalize a huge project, which serves only one purpose - to help you in your business - is to bring on your desk, The First Marine, Ports & Shipping Directory in United Arab Emirates.

Our task is to create an Institution which will highlight an image of a very important industry, which has a continuous all round development for the past 30 years.

The means we used (Directory, Web Sites, etc) and the devotion of our team of professionals, were joined together to meet the need of information, from an international point of view (the directory being distributed in over 90 major ports all over the world) with the only purpose : to show and to be useful in your foreign business relationship as well within UAE.

The Directory was meant to be a real working instrument round the clock on your desk and to show the real image of the economical growing potential of UAE as well as keeping the world updated with the achievements of the amazing UAE 's Economy.


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