Optima Shipbrokers Middle East Ltd-Dubai

Optima Shipbrokers Middle East Ltd-Dubai

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Optima Chartering ( the company's maiden name ) was incorporated in 1981 by Mr. Antony Roussos and Mr. Costas Dinopoulos and since the first day of its establishment has gradually grown into one of the largest chartering companies in the Piraeus market, compiled by a team of 30 dry cargo chartering brokers, 12 sale and purchase brokers, 9 tanker chartering brokers as well as a sizeable backup team dealing with post-fixing, accounting and administration. With the incorporation of the sale and purchase department which was established in 1996, the company expanded its activities in a developing market with a view of providing a more complete service to its customers. In this respect Optima Shipbrokers was created in order to reflect the wider scope of activities which the company is now involved in.


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