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Nabeel Marine Trdg. (L.L.C.)


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Nabeel Marine Trading LLC is a well renowned global supplier of Marine Equipments, New & Re-useable [Re-conditioned] Spare Parts and Accessories. Our products are sourced from the Demolition ships [Ship-Breaking yards] from around the world and substantial stock items available from our warehouse.

Agents of:

Our products:
- New/used & recondition ship equipments & spare parts
- Main & aux. engine
- Generator set
- Air compressor
- Oil separator
- Pump
- Turbocharger
- Hydraulic

~Following Automation & Instrumentation items are New available and used [Re-useable] also and mostly used items are overhauled like Tested for working condition, Repainted, Calibrated with Calibration report also and all this work done by our skilled Instrumentation Engineer so we can give you assurance for the working condition of items.
Equipment available under Marine Automation & Instrumentation:

 Oil Mist Detectors - Graviner MK-4, MK-5, MK-6, Daihatsu MD-9
 Oil Discharge Monitoring System - Seres MK-II, MK-III, VAF MK-5, STC MK-3, MK-4
 Viscosity Controllers – VAF Viscotherm
 Oxygen Analyzers – Servomex 262A, 541A, Xendos 1800, 2700 Combustion Gas Analyzer
 Gas Detectors - Riken Keiki Gas Detector / Combustible Gas Indicator
 Salinometers - UNI-SAFE SL 3005 & SL-6000
 Pressure Transmitters/Differential Pressure Transmitters - Nagano Keiki, Yokogawa, Yamatake Honeywell, Nakakita, Rosemount
 Temperature Controllers – Nakakita, Saginomiya
 Pressure Controller – Nakakita, Saginomiya
 Breathing Apparatus of various make and types.
 Pneumatic Valves for Maneuvering System Main Engine for Logic Box - Wabco-Nabco or Westinghouse, Mannesmann Rexroth,
 All type of Actuator [REXROTH], Solenoid, Pneumatic valves and different type of valves in different make and regulators, Hydraulic Motors/pumps/Valves/Cylinder such as :
Parker, Asco, etc.
 Tank Gauging Tape MMC and Hermetic
 Oil Content Meter - Rivertrace or Deckma OCD-1, OCD-2, OCD-3, OCD-1M, OCD-2M AND OMD-11,OMD 2005,OCD CM

Machineries and Spare Parts of various brands available:

 Ships Main/Aux. Engine and Spares - Pielstick, MAN - B&W, Sulzer, Mitsubishi Diesel
 Ships Main/Emergency Generator Sets – Engine / Alternator & Crankshaft / Spares - B & W, MAK, Daihatsu, Sulzer, Yanmar, Bergen, Wartsilla, SKL, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, etc.
 Connecting Rod – Wartsila & Daihatsu
 Cylinder Cover – Wartsila & Daihatsu
 Turbochargers for Main Engines - BBC, Holset, Mitsubishi, Napier, etc.
 Main Air compressors - Hatlapa, Tanabe, Hamworthy, Yanmar, Sperre, Revelle, Atlas-Copco, Suction Gas, Saur & Sohn
 Compressors for deck use – Atlas Copco, Tanabe & other make
 Oil Centrifugal Separators - Alfa Laval (most ALFA LAVAL models ready in Stock), Mitsubishi, Westfalia and Sharples
 All Types of Pumps - Sea Water , Fresh Water , Oil Pumps,  Hydraulic Pump
 Hydraulic Motor & Winches
 Cargo Pumps & Turbines
 Plate Type Heat Exchangers
 Fresh Water Generators
 Tanker Equipments - LSA, FFA & other Deck & Navigation Equipments 
 Anchors & Chains

“Our aim is to maximize the amount of budget that you can save when purchasing used equipment compared to the cost of buying new and reduce the timeline that it takes for you to get your critical equipment up and running as quickly as possible.”


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