Marine Fenders International-California

Marine Fenders International-California

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Marine Fenders International is a leading in marine fender, resilient buoy and elastomer technology. With over 30 years of experience our high performance marine fendering systems and buoyancy systems are specified by the US Navy, US Coast Guard and many marine installations world wide.

Our innovative technology includes Ocean Guard â„¢ Netless foam filled marine fenders, Ocean Cushion â„¢ foam filled marine fenders with chain & aircraft tire nets, Monopile floating donut fenders, floating security barrier systems, and a full range of resilient surface buoys. Our resilient elastomer, foam buoys include mooring buoys, anchor pendant buoys, spherical buoys, spar buoys, chain through buoys, utility buoys, marker buoys, navigational buoys, support buoys, utility buoys, modular pendant buoys, oceanographic buoys.

MFI also carries a large variety of anchors, chain, shackles, swivels, mooring ropes, tow plates, pneumatic fenders and other marine hardware.


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