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Lloyds Register Dubai-Dubai

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  • Festival Office Tower, Suite 2001, Festival City
    Al Rebat Street, Ras Al Khor
    Dubai (Emirate) 29677
  • 00971 4 701 4190 / 4100
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Checking a system or component meets its specified requirements and is acceptable for operational use.

We have wealth of experience and expertise across many industries. Together with our reputation for independence and professionalism, this makes us the ideal provider of certification services.

We check that a system or component meets its specified requirements and is acceptable for operational use. We then provide you with the written proof you may need to show to your clients, business partners or regulators.


The development, implementation and maintenance of standards for the design, construction and operation of ships and offshore units.

In the marine and oil and gas sectors, our Rules set standards for the design, construction and operation of ships and offshore assets.

We update our Rules on a regular basis to reflect changes in technology and input from the marine and oil and gas sectors. And we help to develop and review international standards and legislation around the world.

Third-party inspection

We can make sure your product meets the specified requirements from start to finish, allowing you and your stakeholders to be assured that as your assets meet the specified requirements, you are mitigating any potential risks to both the safety of your personnel and your day-to-day operations. Saving both time and money.

Lloyd's Register is authorised by regulatory bodies to perform safety inspections at the new construction phase of the lifecycle and issue statutory certification on their behalf.

Second-party inspection

Our second-party inspections globally provide you with the reassurance that your vendors and manufactured products meet your specifications and when necessary, regulatory codes. We work alongside you providing impartial, independent inspection services to provide you and your stakeholders with the assurance that your assets, from material through to complete installation, are built to your specified criteria and will operate safely and reliably.

Understanding your needs is vital, and you can be assured that after 250 years in operation, we have come to understand our client’s needs and the sectors they serve. Our world wide network of qualified inspectors are connected both to each other and you through a global IT system ensuring uniformity and speed of reporting. Where appropriate a dedicated project manager is appointed to act as a focal link for your own project team ensuring specifications are correctly articulated and communicated.

Verification is usually the process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products satisfy the conditions imposed at the start. It answers the question 'are we building the product right?'. In management systems, verification means the process by which we confirm the accuracy of data and information used either to report externally or internally.

Validation is the process of checking if something satisfies a certain criterion. LRQA offers validation of project design and other required documentation for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI) projects.


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