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  • 10th & 11th Floor, Kia Motors Building, Kind Abdul Aziz Street,Al Qasimia Area
    Sharjah (Emirate) 3713
  • 00971 6 551 7330
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Company Profile

Lambda Electronics Trading Ltd. is a leading provider of communication solutions in the UAE and Middle East.
We are in business since 1979. Our numerous customers are located not only in the UAE but also in the various countries in the middle east and northern african region. Sharjah based Lambda Electronics Trading Ltd. is also the approved and sole distributor for ICOM products in the UAE. ICOM is a Japan based, leading supplier and manufacturer of radio communication equipment.

Our office is centrally located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with a warehouse in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone. The Sharjah office does host business operations & administration, accounting, sales & marketing, logistics, a workshop & repair centre, as well as a parts & equipment store.
Lambda Electronics Trading Co. Ltd does provide solution in the field of Radio Communication and professional services. We are proud of our wide circle of clients inside and outside the UAE. We provide installation and maintenance services for our clients within the UAE. Outside the UAE we are able to deliver second level support and installations on request. Our Sharjah based, professionally equipped workshop does offer and perform repair services to all of our customers, agents and resellers.!

We currently employ a wide range of highly trained staff with worldwide experience. For excellent service delivery we keep a large number of equipment and parts on stock in our office premises as well as in our warehouse in the airport free zone area.

Land Mobile Radio Communication:
The ICOM Land Mobile product range does cover HF, VHF and UHF Mobile Radio communication equipment, such as handheld transceiver, Mobile Stations, Base stations, Repeaters and HF Transceivers. ICOM Radios are tailored and can be used for its individual or general purposes.

Safety and Security:
Highly reliable, robust and shock proof radios are used in areas such as for fire fighting, police forces and private security service, in where a 24hours around the clock, failure & free operation, is absolutely mandatory.

Dispatching, tracking and reliable, clear communication to the mobile units is a key element of today's transportation businesses. Ambulances, TAXI companies as well as public transportation services need constant and permanent communication to their dispatch centres. Operators would dispatch the vehicles according to the mainly unpredictable transportation request. Reliable communication and with the assistance of a tracking system installed in the mobile units, does ensure maximum service quality delivered to the customers.

For rather rough environments, our shock proof, dust protected and water resistant MIL standard radios would be the right choice to enable and secure steadily communication between the operational units. ICOM radios are appreciated for their top quality and reliability.

At Construction sites as well in the Oil & Gas industries, the requirement does go for extremely safe and in the same time very robust radio communication units. Intrinsically safe radios have been developed to secure radio communication also in hazardous areas, such as in refineries or on oil dwelling platforms. At the construction sides, our MIL standard radios will ensure long lasting operation and sure communication between, i.e. crane operators and the ground personnel.

Marine Communication:
Lambda Electronics and ICOM does offer a wide variety of marine communications and navigation solutions. The equipment range does include long range, ship-to-shore single side band transceivers for worldwide communications operations, as well as short range VHF communications equipment. A series of highly advanced, very compact, fully waterproof handheld transceivers for shore to vessel or vessel-to-vessel communication is available. ICOM has also produced marine radar for save navigation in near shore areas.

As for the land or the marine usage, ICOM has also developed a large variety of radio communication equipment for aviation purposes. Handholds, mobile or base station radios are available for the customer's choice. These radios are used as primary ground communication as well as ground to air and backup aircraft communication equipment.


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