International Paint Gulf LLC-Abu Dhabi

International Paint Gulf LLC-Abu Dhabi

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International Paint has operations in 54 countries worldwide and over 3,500 employees. The company's International® brandname has worldwide market leadership positions in Marine, Protective and Yacht paints. International Marine Coatings are technology leaders in TBT-free antifoulings, abrasion resistant coatings, ballast tank coatings and fouling control systems for vessels being built, repaired or maintained. International Protective Coatings offer an extensive range of high performance coatings for the oil, gas, chemical processing, pulp and paper, steel structure and mining industries. International Yacht Coatings worldwide leaders with the International® and Interlux® brandnames, offer coatings with the latest and safest antifouling technology and the toughest protection for yachts from the smallest dinghy to the largest and most luxurious superyacht. Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings is a leading global manufacturer of paint and coatings, serving the commercial, general aviation and military markets. Extensive resources in the US and Europe are dedicated to the research and development of technologies to serve the current and future needs of the industry.


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