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Gulf Sondex FZCO-Dubai

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SONDEX is specialized in development, production and marketing of Heat Exchangers for district cooling/ heating, food and dairy, oil & gas, industrial and marine applications. Since the very start in 1984, headquartered in Denmark, we have expanded our activities, which now include nearly all European countries, USA, Asia, Far East and Middle East, and today our market share of the total market for heat exchangers amounts to approximately 9- 10%.

We are having our office and service centre in Dubai, U.A.E. to cater to the requirements of our customers from the Middle East. We also have a sufficient stock of spares available at our warehouse in Jebel Ali Free Zone to enable us to serve our customers better.  Our plate heat exchangers can have a capacity up to 9000 Tons per unit.  We are certified as per EN ISO 9001: 2008 and we are approved to Fabricate & certify units as per ASME Section VIII Div. 1('U' Stamp).


Besides our traditional Plate Heat exchanger with gaskets, we also have Brazed, Spiral, Semi Welded, All Welded, Shell & Tube, Shell & Plate, Free Flow to Double Walled heat exchangers, Wastewater  and Submersible Pumps and freshwater  generators.   We have a very wide range of plates for various applications.  Apart from us providing solutions in the field   of heat transfer   technology,   we also provide   efficient   and effective   energy   saving services. Our team consists of specialists dedicated to designing, optimization, cleaning fouled plates, regular maintenance, tube bundle replacement/ repair/ refurbishment, field and frame services along with installing cost effective spare parts and ad hoc troubleshooting.

The production takes place in our factory in DK-Kolding. A specially developed hydraulic press has been installed - one of the biggest in Europe (14,000 tons), making it possible to press plates of even very big plate heat exchangers.  Today we have big press machines for the production of our flow plates.  Furthermore, we have installed a vacuum furnace being use for the production of brazed plate heat exchangers, a laser welding and cutting machine.

The Sondex plate heat exchanger design is based on long-term experience.  The design secures high yield of the plate heat exchangers making them suitable for various working conditions.  The development of new plate heat exchangers takes place successively.  For the production of new press tools, we have our own well-equipped tool department (CAD/CAM) . Our 3 CNC machines are used for production of new tools.

Furthermore, we produce freshwater generators primarily for the marine market (1-250 fresh water/day).

We have subsidiary companies in more than 35 countries and we have established a strong network of agents and suppliers all over the world.  We are approximately 900 employees at SONDEX A/S worldwide.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.




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