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GAC Transfer Services S.A.-Dubai

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GAC Transfer Services (GTS) S.A specialises in Ship-to-Ship transfer services worldwide.

With STS bases across the Gulf, Vietnam, Cyprus, Malaysia and Malta, GTS has the expertise and equipment to handle ship-to-ship transfer of bulk liquid and liquified gas cargo between these specialized vessels.

GTS is an accredited ISO 9001-2000 company for the provision of Ship to Ship Transfer Services. All liquid bulk transfer operations are carried out as per the latest edition of the OCIMF guidelines.

An STS Transfer Operation is an operation where crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied gas are transferred between seagoing ships made fast alongside each other. Such operations may take place when one ship is at anchor or when both are underway.

Each operation includes:

the approach manoeuvre
hose connection / disconnection for liquid products
cargo transfer

Every liquid bulk and gas transfer operation is carried out by GTS in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum [OCIMF] latest edition and the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Guidelines, with the strictest adherence to safety regulations.

Complying with international and local requirements, our STS operations are carried out by trained and experienced personnel to ensure safe control.

We also provide all necessary equipment such as hoses, fenders, and support craft, as well as full back-up services including standby boats, equipment transportation and a 24-hour communication coverage with vessels.

STS offered by GTS can address your concerns related to:

  • Nominations
  • Scheduling
  • Diversions
  • Draught
  • Risk Areas
  • Restrictions
  • Casualties
  • Salvage

Acting on behalf of Principals worldwide, GTS has the expertise to handle transfers between all sizes of vessels and varying nationalities, thanks to our years of experience in the transfer of Liquefied Bulk (Crude Oil, Petroleum Products, Chemicals) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).


For all STS Transfer Operations, each Master remains at all times responsible for the safety of his own ship, crew and cargo.

The overall safety for any STS operation depends on the use of correct size and number of fenders, certified tested hoses. 

An experienced Mooring/Loading Master who oversees the entire operation will ensure strict adherence to well documented safe procedures.

GTS offers customised solutions for our Principals' requirements. In addition to operating with quick mobility and flexibility, GTS is able to operate anywhere and anytime as required by clients.


The following equipment is 100% owned and utilised by GTS at the various bases:

  • Standard Yokohama Fenders (3.3m X 6.5m)
  • Baby Yokohama Fenders (1.5m x 3.0m)
  • Baby Yokohama Fenders (1.0m x 2.0m)
  • Dunlop Oil Transfer Hoses
  • Cryogenic Gas Transfer Hoses
  • Oil Scorpion Container Booms
  • Oil Skimmers
  • Seacare Oil Dispersant


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