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Expert United Marine Services L.L.C-Dubai

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Jadaf Dubai is the oldest ship repair and industrial marine yard in the Arabian Gulf region. It has been providing a whole range of services to the maritime community. Since its establishment in 1979, Jadaf Dubai specializes in docking and undocking of ships and is considered as one of the busiest docking yards in the world, with both the docks receiving all types and sizes of seafaring vessels. At Expert United Marine Services, we offer outstanding services for repair and dry-docking of all types of vessel at high quality and attractive prices. There are nearly 300 companies operating in Jadaf. EUMS is one of the most significant among them. The company has a mechanical team with special expertise tuned to all kinds of mechanical repairs for marine and industrial sector. The company started with smaller projects, however it is now taking up larger ones with Al Jadaf and in adjoining ports. The most prestigious projects that currently the company is having are accommodation-mooring barge, which is a conversion. It is a major project, which really helped the company to grow further to increase the strength and equipment to cope up with the existing demand. There are many upcoming projects in the pipeline apart from these. The company’s motto is to support the seafarers by delivering quality services at competitive prices.


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