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Elcome International LLC was founded in Dubai in 1969 with the goal of providing world-class marine electronics sales and service in the region. Over the past three decades, the success of our professional repair services and the support of the major international manufacturers whose products we market, the Elcome Group has opened offices throughout the G.C.C. and the region. Our service engineers support our customers across multiple continents with the latest technology and a large inventory of spare parts.

Today, Elcome continues to grow its strength in communication, navigation, automation, and safety solutions along with major interdisciplinary projects for large corporate and government customers throughout the region.

Office Branches:
- Abu Dhabi
- Fujairah
- Oman
- Kuwait
- Bahrain
- Yemen
- Saudi Arabia
- Qatar

Agents of:
Koden, Sea Tel, Transas, Sperry Marine, Thrane & Thrane, Praxis, Saab, Admiralty, Daniamant, Hoppe, RFD, Pains Wessex, Northrop Grumman, McMurdo, Autronica


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