Cal Dive International-Texas

Cal Dive International-Texas

Cal Dive International provides manned diving, derrick, pipelay and pipe burial services to the offshore oil and natural gas industry. Customers include major and independent oil and gas producers, pipeline transmission companies and offshore engineering and construction firms.

Cal Dive core values: [Cal Dive worker aboard the Sea Horizon]

Commitment to the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
Operational excellence
Teamwork through transparency and mutual respect
Regard for family values

Over 35 years of performance

Since 1975, Cal Dive has provided essential marine contracting services in support of oil and natural gas infrastructure throughout the production life cycle, including infrastructure installation; production well mediation; and decomissioning and salvaging.

Currently Cal Dive is working in the Gulf of Mexico OCS, Northeastern U.S., Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, India, the Mediterranean and West Africa.

Diversified services backed by an extensive fleet

Our services include saturation diving enabling us to provide a full complement of diving in water depths of up to 1,000 feet. We provide saturation diving services in water depths of 200 to 1,000 feet through our fleet of saturation diving vessels and portable saturation diving systems ’ possibly the largest such fleet in the world.

Our fleet of diving support vessels is among the most technically advanced in the industry with features such as dynamic positioning (DP), hyperbaric rescue chambers, multi-chamber systems for split-level operations and moon-pool deployment.

Additional vessels are dedicated exclusively to pipelay and pipe burial services in water depths of up to approximately 700 feet. Pipelay and pipe burial operations typically require extensive use of our diving services; therefore, we consider these services to be complementary.

Additionally we own derrick barges and a combination derrick/pipelay barge.

Scheduling flexibility

Our large fleet, a wide range of capabilities and the advanced technical skills of our personnel enable us to manage turnkey projects while assuring our customers of on time performance.

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