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  • Office 806, The Citadel Tower, Business Bay
    Dubai (Emirate) 191105
  • 00971 4 4232884 /4518060
  • 00971 4 4232894
  •    +971 50 1889614
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Company Profile

COMPANY PROFILE: By Starting of 2015, Constellation was running a count of 9500+ instructions, holding a vast knowledge base for facing the toughest challenges the seven oceans have to offer including offshore consultancy. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Fujairah and London registered company of Professional Marine Consultants.">



-Hull and structural damage surveys on-board barges/tugs & all types of ships.
-Investigations into grounding, collisions and contact damages. Fixed & Floating object damage assessment.
-Oil pollution claims & assistance with clean-up operations.
-Casualty inspections, internal safety audits and personal injury investigations.
-Inquiry into overloading of vessel.
-Assisting Master in stability calculation, Project cargo loading and investigation
-Container Surveys: Condition, Damage & Repair Estimates. Cargo worthiness certification.
-Towing and fastening surveys, warranty surveys.
-Expertise in Root Cause Analysis & Investigations into Marine Accidents including grounding, Collisions and/or contact damages to fixed & Floating Objects.

For your Independent Cargo Inspection Needs

-Pre-discharge / Pre-loading condition survey of cargoes.
-Pre-loading inspection of ships cargo holds.
-Investigations of cargo contamination claims of bulk liquids.
-Project cargo & heavy lifts - Stowage, Lashing approvals and Superintendence.
-Ultrasound inspection on hatch covers while conducting full P & I condition surveys.
-Refrigerated cargo surveys, container damage and malfunction claims.
-Sealing and unsealing of cargo holds and drawing cargo samples.
-Inaccessible cargo space surveys to measure hatch volume.
-Draft Survey to Estimate the quantity of cargo loaded/discharged.

For your Vessel Surveys

-Bunker surveys on board ships.
-Sale and Purchase inspections. Ship Valuation certification. Chartered Engineers Certification
-Third party ship condition inspections on behalf of P & I and Hull machinery
-Upgrading vessel's draft, cargo carriage capacity etc.
-Advice on technical issues faced on marine vessels.
-Ship management advice including contracts, operational costs, surveys etc.
-MARINE CHEMIST and Gas Free inspections.
-SIRE Vetting
-Magnetic Compass adjustors, Deviation card plotting.

For your Dream Yacht

-Inspection of boat structures, electrical, engines and joinery works.
-Sales, purchases & evaluations.
-Comprehensive sea trials & recommendations with follow-ups.
-Accuracy Standards Verifications & Repair Supervision.
-Compass deviations & adjusting.
-Sea trail of yachts.
-Registration for UAE Flags

Naval Architects

-Ship Design, Verification and assessment.
-Trim and Stability.
-Strength Calculations.
-Tank Calibrations.
-Full CADD service.
-Inclining Experiments

Supervising your Fleets of Vessel

-Planning and implementation of retrofitting or renewal of deck cranes on bulk carriers.
-Drydock preparation and supervision.
-SUPERINTENDENCE of vessels during Dry-Docking, afloat repairs and technical investigation.
-Port Captaincy.

For all General marine needs

-Investigations into stoppages at sea, diversions and delays.
-Inquiry into fire and marine accidents (Diploma Specialization).
-General average surveys and draft surveys.
-Casualty inspections, internal safety audits and personal injury investigations.
-Charter party contract negotiations and commercial disputes.
-Expert advice on Legal disputes.
-Mooring masters and STS(Ship to Ship)transfer Superintendents


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