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Starting out from a small Swedish shipyard in 1912, Caterpillar Propulsion is today a full-scale global operation. But we’ve retained that Viking heritage of hard work, skilled craftsmanship and a tireless lust for exploration. And it’s always the sea that calls to us …
Our special expertise is innovative hydrodynamics to ensure heavy-duty, reliable performance for our customers.

Who we are is the same as what we do. Caterpillar Propulsion optimizes performance through dialogue with our customers. And we go the extra mile, even studying the vessel’s design, the waters it travels, the job at hand – anything and everything that effects the hydrodynamics. Using all our technical expertise, we’re not finished until our customers are completely satisfied and our solution is as optimized and reliable as possible.
We focus on you, the customer, and the reliability, safety and profitability of your business. It’s this focus that drives our own business at Caterpillar Propulsion and dictates how we work together on a daily basis. Because when a highly skilled, experienced team all pulls in the same direction … well, that’s when great things happen.


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