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BRS Middle East-Dubai

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BRS, an independent broker in the international market

BARRY ROGLIANO SALLES (BRS) was founded in 1856 and is 150 years later among the top international shipbroking companies. BRS was a family owned company until a management buy-out by senior brokers in 1988. Today it is managed by some thirty associates, who are all working partners, guaranteeing its independence.

In its role as a broker, BRS can act on behalf of its clients and, in their name, negotiate any commercial shipping transaction and associated contracts: newbuilding contracts, second-hand sale and purchase transactions, charter-parties or contracts of affreightment over any time span for all types of ships and floating vessels.

BRS offers a wide variety of services: market research and studies, specific analyses and market recommendations, offer analyses, ship valuations, ship registrations, studies of fleet structures, feasibility studies, and offers assistance in the contracting process.

The number of foreign BRS clients is evidence of the international character of its activity. BRS is a service driven company and as such depends on its capacity to satisfy its clients, relying on the quality and skills of its personnel. Their professional qualifications illustrate the diversity of their backgrounds: legal, financial, commercial and engineering experts work along with naval architects, and, of course, officers"

BRS is member of the Baltic, Bimco, FFBA, French Cluster and other trade organizations that promote shipping services and a founder member of the Paris Shipping Forum

BRS has more than 100 employees working at its head office in Neuilly, as well as some 80 staff in its offices abroad. Brokers are divided into 8 departments:
- Newbuilding
- Offshore
- Sale and Purchase
- Dry Bulk chartering
- Liner chartering
- Tanker chartering
- Chemical and small tanker chartering
- Gas chartering (LPG and LNG)

The various departments are in constant internal communication and are therefore able to advise their clients within a range of alternatives, from newbuilding to purchasing a second-hand vessel, or chartering.

Overseas offices
In areas of the world where a local presence is of strategic importance BRS has opened offices employing local expertise in specific markets, working in close conjunction with the head office: UK (London), Spain (Madrid), Switzerland (Geneva), China (Shanghai), India (Mumbai), U.A.E. (Dubai), Greece (Athens), Croatia (Rijeka), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), Singapore.


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