Water Maker - Sea water RO plant - Sea recovery water maker

by syed shah habib ul hassan on 09-11-2017 in PRODUCTS & BRANDS -  124

Water Maker - Sea water RO plant - Sea recovery water maker

Sea Recovery Water Maker - RO water maker - Water maker for ships 

The Water Maker grants boaters the freedom to monitor and regulate system capabilities. Made for the hands-on boater, the Water Maker allows you to customize features and pressure settings with an advanced touch screen display. Its ruggedness and reliability allows boaters to confidently command their water maker in all parts of the world. 
With this water maker, you have the power to manually optimize and configure your system settings according to any water condition you encounter. Pressure and temperature are balanced using a pressure regulating knob, allowing boaters to operate the Water Maker in any ocean condition. Operations are easily optimized in seconds simply by turning the knob to your preferred setting. The quiet high pressure pump runs smooth and is also customizable. Capable of producing between 450 - 1,800 GPD (1,703 - 6,814 LPD). 

• Digital Menu with full color LCD touch screen
• Manage critical functions from any location. Maintain, guide, and configure the Water Maker anyway you wish using the user friendly touch screen display or the optional touch screen remote.
• Simple-to-use touch screen displays pictorial images of all operating conditions.
• Digital and bar graph readout of all system conditions in U.S. Standard or Metric.
• Computer interface ready

• Dedicated heavy duty Magnetic Latching Relays for each motor integrated in the system. 
• 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers for accurate measurement of system functions. 
• New High rejection / high yield membrane element that produces higher quality product water in a smaller space. 
• Fiberglass Reinforced High Pressure Membrane Vessel is stronger and eliminates corrosion.

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