Techno Marine Equipment Services L.L.C. (Dubai)

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Distribution, Supply, Maintenance of Marine & Oilfield Equipment, Safety, Lifesaving & Fire Fighting Equipment, Lifeboat & Launching Appliance Inspections.

TechnoMARiNE Equipment Services LLC has established itself as a Leading, Specialist Supplier for Marine & Offshore Safety, Lifesaving, and Firefighting Equipment & Services over last 8 years of operation. We are also Specialist Lifeboat & Davit Maintainers in the Middle East. We have Serviced / Refurbished more than 500 Lifeboat Systems. Apart from above activities, We also stock & supply various other Marine Equipment such as Deck Stores, Navigational & Signaling Equipment, Personnel Protective Equipment, Gas Detection Equipment, Marine Batteries, Pumps etc.

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Techno Marine Equipment Services L.L.C. (Dubai)

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