Parking in Dubai on Eid, Ramadan, Friday and Public Holidays

by Ali Khan on in Social Events -  119

It can be a difficult task for to find out a place for parking in Dubai especially in such situation when you are new in that area. You cannot feel satisfied when you pay an hourly fee, so for the facilitation now you can get the best services of parking in Dubai by paying fees on the hour and the fee has to be in dirham coins and can be paid by phone. You can get their car parks in hotels, shopping malls or supermarkets, you have to pay their but there you cannot find the place easily as they are often full. There are some other resources that can use but they can be more expensive. Road side or off-street public car parking is difficult to access as it charged Dh.2 an hour, can find place from 1 pm to 4pm. So you have to pay more for a parking.

Apart from, you can use orange solar powered tickets dispensers to get a parking ticket. It can be expired so it is better to use Dh.1 coins, in case it doesn’t work. For the best facilitation of easy way parking in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Dubai free parking near shopping centers, hotels and supermarkets. You can get there four hour maximum time for parking, after that timing charges will increase from Dh.20 to Dh.150 for eight hours and Dh.350 for overnight. So the public holidays and Fridays are free. To provide the easy access to parking, has started online booking parking system and now the residential can pay for parking through online booking. is an online paid low rate parking platform connecting drivers in search of parking with anyone who has a spare space across UAE. This platform enables to browse, book and pay for a parking spot and arrive in style. offer low rates parking services in Dubai, parking in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and across UAE.

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