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The First Online Marketplace for shippers and freight forwarders has launched in Dubai!

by Walker Green on 11-02-2017 10:58AM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Are you looking to ship your products or goods and looking for reliable freight forwarders? Or not sure if you’re paying too much and looking for multiple freight options? Or are you the freight forwarder looking to increase revenue and expand your business?

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Jubilant Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.

by Directory Info on 01-22-2016 06:48PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Technical Management
Crew Management
Technical Consultancy

Elegant Ship Management & Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

by Directory Info on 01-22-2016 06:19PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES


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Trans Gulf Agency LLC

by Directory Info on 12-07-2015 05:09PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Vessels Calling UAE Offshore, Anchorage & Terminals

• Ship Agency
• Crew Change
• Launch/Service Boats to carry Provisions,
Stores, Spares, Supt, Surveyors, Crew etc..
• Ship to Ship
• Bunker & Lubricants
• Salvaging of Distressed Vessels
• Towage & Piloting, Antipolution & Spill Response
• De Sloping & Sludge Removal
• Garbage Collection & Disposal
• Fresh Water Supply at Anchorage & Alongside
• Marine & Bunker Surveys * Crew Manning
• Land Transportation
• Sea Transportation
• Medical Assistance
• Maritime Security

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Transtanko Shipping FZE

by Directory Info on 12-07-2015 01:30PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

- Sales & Purchase
- Ship Management
- Tanker Chartering

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Q Concord Marine LLC

by Directory Info on 11-29-2015 07:04PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES


marine chemicals, complete range boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, tank cleaning chemicals, cleaners and maintenance chemicals.

Marine Gases & Refrigerants, all types of Calibration Gases Mixtures

Cleaning Chemicals used to clean the Ships, Degrease the tank and disinfectant

Marine Test Kit, Water Treatment, Fuel Oil & Potable Water Test Kit

Marine Lubricant, Grease & Engine Oil, for Marine Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil, Compressor Oil, Gear Oil & Wire Lubricants

Water treatment Chemicals for Boilers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Engine Water & Swimming Pools

Welding & Cutting Equipment, Refrigerant & Gases

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Sphere Offshore Solutions

by Directory Info on 11-25-2015 07:51PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Rig Moving, Tow Master and Warranty Services
Vessel Inspections and Audits
MODU On-hire Services and Start up teams
Design and installation of Mooring systems
Client Marine Representation
Project Management and Engineering - Technical Support
Risk Management, Consultancy and Procedure Preparation
DP Vessel Assurance (DP Trials, FMEA)
Marine Accident and Investigation

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Vortex Offshore

by Directory Info on 11-25-2015 07:39PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Maritime Transportation
Vessel Management
Chartering & Brokerage
Marine Specialist & Vessel Crews
Vessel Surveys & Studies

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Noreq Fender

by Directory Info on 11-25-2015 06:24PM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

Floating Fenders
> Pneumatic Fenders
> Foam Filled Fenders
Fender Davits
> Fender Davit
> Mooring accessories
> Mooring Ropes
> Hardware
> Marine Hoses
Fixed Fenders
> Rubber Profiles
> Arch Type Fenders

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Western Marine and Ship Supply LLC

by Directory Info on 11-10-2015 09:06AM in SHIPPING COMPANIES

For more information please visits our listing:Western Marine and Ship Supply LLC

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