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Providing a full range of marine, offshore & transportation services

Key Services:

  • Vessel / Barge Ownership
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Vessel Management
  • Consultancy
  • Marine Transportation-Jacket, Topsides, Pipe, Modules

Astro Offshore Pte Ltd is an offshore and maritime chartering and brokerage company headquartered in Dubai. Operating from Dubai and Singapore, two of the world’s principal maritime centres, Astro delivers invaluable services to a diverse range of clients across key markets in the offshore industry.

With a clinical understanding of the industry and a established range of contacts across the maritime and offshore sectors, Astrohas a completely international reach and is able to provide its clients with exactly what they require, right down to the last detail with no compromises. 

Being based in Dubai and Singapore Astro is located in two major hubs for the offshore industry. Choosing Dubai as the location for its headquarters, Astro has positioned itself in one of the most important maritime centres serving the Middle East and Africa. With modern offshore and port facilities Dubai is integral in facilitating a vital offshore network and Astro has positioned itself to offer crucial services as part of this network.

With an office also in Singapore, Astro has a base at the gateway to Australasia, situated in one of the most active shipping and offshore regions. This gives far-reaching advantage to its operations with the result of increased client experience and satisfaction across all markets Astro has expanded across.

Having grown exponentially since the company's inception, Astro has successfully carved a larger share of the market for itself in the regions it operates in and with planned expansion the company will be branching out to other major offshore regions, strengthening existing local ties in those areas as well as being able to offer enhanced international service to clients.

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