Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company PLC-Abu Dhabi

Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company PLC-Abu Dhabi

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In the highly competitive world of insurance, Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company PLC (ASCANA) has made its mark among reputable insurers in the region.

Established in 1978 by Amiri Decree, ASCANA has maintained a policy of treating each client's interests as its own. Every insurance need is thoroughly researched to provide maximum versatility, insurance coverage and economic value to policy holders.

ASCANA's Clientele in the U.A.E. includes governments departments and large corporations in every insurance category including Marine, Aviation, Fire and Comprehensive Risks, Motor, General Accident, and Engineering.

In addition to their main office in Dubai, ASCANA has branches in both the Abu Dhabi and Sharjah; with plans to expand into the other Emirates as well.


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